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Moonwink Music Signs a Label Partnership Deal with Symphonic and Unveils Moonwink Records

Updated: Apr 21

Boston, MA – April, 2024

Moonwink Music signs a label partnership deal with Symphonic for Worldwide Distribution and Unveils Moonwink Records

Moonwink Music is pleased to announce the signing of a worlwide distribution label partnership with Symphonic, and the creation of our  Moonwink Records & Turntable Record labels. "Our mission at Moonwink has always been to empower artists," remarked Nancy Leotta, Founder of Moonwink Music. "With the launch of Moonwink Records, we are extending our commitment to nurturing talent and providing a platform for musical innovation." Focused on Alternative, Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock, and Roots Rock genres, Moonwink Records is dedicated to championing female artists and amplifying underrepresented voices within the industry.

Rooted in its evolution from artist management to a full-fledged record label, Moonwink's ethos revolves around artist empowerment, mentorship, and technological access, aimed at guiding artists towards successful long-term careers in the music industry.

Symphonic Distribution, founded by Jorge Brea in late 2006 in Tampa, Florida, is renowned for its technological prowess and unwavering support for artists. Recognized as 100% independent, Symphonic prides itself on being "by artists, for artists."

"We believe Symphonic is the perfect match for Moonwink Records," added Nancy Leotta. "Their dedication to innovation and artist empowerment perfectly aligns with our vision."

Symphonic Distribution facilitates music delivery to major online retailers such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Napster, Deezer, Pandora, Amazon, and Beatport, offering Moonwink Records artists vital support, exposure, and access to key revenue channels.

For further details about Moonwink Records and its forthcoming releases, please visit

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