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We focus on developing marketing strategies that authentically reflect the artist's voice and energy. Through the implementation of various marketing tactics, we support a plan that consistently delivers meaningful content to fans, nurturing long-term relationships, and expanding the artist’s audience. This is primarily accomplished through the management and creation of content for social media and online platforms.

Marketing & Advertising

Moowink specializes in helping artists establish their identity and core foundational ethos. We ensure the delivery of these values and aesthetics through various touch-points with their audience, including their logo, photos, videos, live shows, interviews, websites, and merchandise designs. Additionally, we offer assistance with branded content delivery and sponsorship opportunities.


Setting up operating budgets and a plan to prepare our artists to capture revenue and distribute the music is the foundation. As we build and develop the team for an artist, we get involved in connecting  them with our PR, Radio, booking partners. Additionally,  we guide artists through the proper process of copyrighting, PRO registration, royalty collections and tracking of sales online and at live shows. 

Operational Strategy

This involves the planning and execution of live performances, band management, repertoire, tour management, logistics and rehearsal planning. We help our artists organize live show promotion, show advances and maintain all data for various online event platforms. 

Performance Planning

Artist Management

Contact us

Please be sure to make direct contact with our staff and that you recieve a request from us before sending your material. We try to listen to as much music as possible.  However, for legal reasons - see our policy below:
Moonwink Music does not accept unsolicited material. Any unsolicited music, proposals, etc. will not be reviewed.  If you choose to disregard this policy and submit materials regardless, you acknowledge that you have read the Policy and understand that by making such a submission, Moonwink Music has no obligation to you or your submission and that you have no claim whatsoever based on such submission.
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