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The Team

Nancy Leotta

Nancy Leotta has over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, branding and talent coaching.  Having worked for some of the largest brands as an advertising and communications strategist, Nancy understands both the business and creative aspects to bringing talent and "product" to market.  As a Coach, and a Brand Director she brings her expertise to bear with a balanced, holistic approach to offer each client a unique strategy. 

Shawna Kelley

With 30 years of experience planning, organizing and staffing festivals, Shawna Kelley brings to Moonwink a vast knowledge of the operational side of the music business. Shawna has worked in the New England markets booking talent, serving on the Boards of several well known Music Series and Music Foundations. Shawna also is an artist in her own right, designing visual art, logos and websites.

Jacquie Wexler

Jacquie has been in the entertainment business for 25 years.  She began her entertainment career at SGE Film Production, Studio City, in Marketing & Promoting for new film release domestic/foreign.  Jacquie worked for Special Artist Agency in Beverly Hills - which is the leading global commercial talent agency representing celebrity actors, musicians, models, athletes and other entertainment personalities. Jacquie worked side by side with Rise Barish who is one of the largest, most respected Commercial Casting Directors in Los Angeles, as a Casting Agent and Talent Buyer. ​

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Americana Radio 

Brad Paul Media

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Blue Heart Records

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Blind Raccoon LLC

Intrepid Artist International
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Loud Sun Studios
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Michael Beach
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Jeff Kolter
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The Team

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